A New Concept Of Universal Astrology by Aourana

Lecture of 23.05.1999 

This concept is the result of transmission of Universal Teaching relative to the problem of interrelation of the Solar System, Planetary Consciousness, and Man – the latter precisely as the advanced part of mankind, the Initiates and the Disciples of the new era. For that reason many things which, until very recent times, have been kept secret and have been transmitted only in a very narrow circle of inner groups of the Hierarchical Brotherhood, now begin to come to the fore and have a chance to be transmitted particularly in the context of the Ashram School of the 7th Ray. This is due to the fact that the Ashram School of the 7th Ray has now reached the level of systemic mysteries. At this point, we must mention the existence, first of all, in the Solar System, of certain levels, or stages, of evolution which are subject to the influence of three – in fact, seven, basic rays. The first of them, the First ray or the Ray of Will and Power of the Solar System whose Lord is named Shiva in Sanskrit, guides and directs the principle of Solar Shamballa that embraces those structures of consciousness of which we know nothing except that They are located in the three basic centers. These are the center of the physical Sun, the center of the heart of the Sun, and the center of higher or central Sun. in fact, happening there is the formation of what is called the vital principle of the Solar System, and its correlation, or a kind of connection, with other solar systems pf our constellation. 

Correspondingly, this is followed by manifestation of the second ray of the Solar System, or the second Logos named Vishnu in Sanskrit. This Great Life guides and directs those Solar-Systemic Lives that have already passed a certain period of evolution in the Solar System, i.e. have passed through one manvantara already. 

Lastly, the third Logos, that of Brahma, guides that part of Planetary Lives or planets. As you know, each planet is a Planetary Man, or Planetary Life, which is forming and perfecting itself at this particular moment and which represents that manvantara in which we live and part of which we are. 

Thus we see that there exist three basic levels of consciousness. Correspondingly, there exist those planets and those Heavenly Men who have already attained emancipation. Their heavenly bodies, or the sheathes of their physical, planetary globes have been reduced to the minimum, although they are, as is well known from astronomy, self-radiating structures. In other words, their bodies radiate their own inner light. Of all planets known to us, only three belong to that category of emancipated planets. These are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto which manifest only part of the so called trans-saturnian available to our knowledge; beyond their orbits, the existence of to more planets may be guessed that we can mention now and that we include into our astrological conception. These two are Proserpine and Gren. 

We realize that there are certain definite waves of human evolution in the Solar System. In order that physical man could appear in that form which is known to us, it is necessary that certain successive stages first of involution, and then of evolution take place first. More than that: at first principles are formed, then these principles become qualities; qualities pass into certain types of energy; energies attract substance – thus proceeds involution in accordance with the laws of manifestation, materialization and precipitation of these higher principles onto the physical plane of matter. Thus, if we examine the twelve-fold nature of the embodiment of Man in the Solar System, we will see that the five emancipated planets of all known to us embody five basic principles of our Solar System. 

Gren is the most remote planet located beyond Proserpine. The word “Gren” means “Dead planet”. This is the name given to it by Atlantean high priests, and it was this name, “Dead planet”, that was given to it as early as the Atlantean times. As early as the Atlantean times it had been a dead planet, dead from the physical, biological point of view. However, strange though this may seem, it is precisely this notion of “Dead planet” that conveys the true notion of Life. And this is because this planet has reached that state of consciousness in which it holds only the principle of life, and it holds it for the entire Solar System as a whole, although it no longer manifests this principle in itself. It is like the Great Spirits of planetary Shamballa who are completely devoid of and physical shell although they hold the plenitude of the vital principle and the life of our planet. In other words, the higher the level of supporting life, the lower the degree of concrete manifestation of life, and in this case the process of vitalization proceeds due to the entire plenitude of hierarchical relations, or due to the whole of the range of embodiment in the lower structures of cons consciousness. Thus the “dead planet”, Gren, embodies the Vital Principle of the Solar System and holds it for all of the other twelve planets. 

The next planet, Proserpine, embodies the principle of consciousness as total consciousness. It is this planet that provides a possibility for subsequent planetary Lives to know and have the whole of conscious evolution, from the consciousness of minerals to that of Great Planetary Logoi. Proserpine holds the principle of consciousness as such. 

The third of the emancipated planets, Pluto, carries the principle of matter. However, this is not matter as physical substance. This is matter contained in the depths of the elements. This is pre-pre-matter. This is the matter of the principle of consciousness condensed into original substantiality. Interestingly, I found in Alice A. Bailey’s books that she interprets Pluto as the carrier of the spiritual will aspect, which is absolutely true, but also as the first ray aspect, i.e. the aspect of destruction and death. This is why she regards Pluto as one of the rulers of Pisces, Scorpio and other signs relative to death. This indicates an entirely different task, connected with the lofty task of that planet which is not first in the lower triad of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, but third – from the point of view of Universal Astrology of the Solar System – among Gren, Proserpine and Pluto. It is as the third planet in the set of five that it carries the spiritual will aspect, since neither life nor consciousness have any qualities. In fact, they are universal concept which contain the totality of synthesis. Actually, the quality of spiritual will begins with Pluto. This is a very precise analogue of Shamballa which, as such, is the spiritual will aspect for the whole of the Solar System, although from the point of view of the latter it is the manifestation of the Third Logos, since it is the carrier of the principle of planetary matter. Everything that carries that principle contains the Third Logos aspect. Thus it is from Pluto that the principle of matter begins, which, through spiritual will, enters the depths of the original pre-substance of the Universe. This is why, as Pluto was discovered, the atom was discovered too and the nuclear era began. It is Pluto that starts the mechanism of unfolding atomic and subatomic power on any planet of the Solar system. 

Thus, Life, Consciousness, and Matter are the three supreme qualities that characterize these three planets. 

The next, forth stage is represented by Neptune, the forth of twelve waves of evolution, includes the principles of energy and the aspect of Love, Wisdom, and the Light or Fire – of what we call the Christ aspect. All this is connected with the planet Neptune, but from the point of view of the Solar System this is Great Energy, i.e. what is presented as intersection of Matter and Spirit. The same applies to the second aspect, a kind of a hologram, intersection of two induced vibrations, of two vectors. It is stable and possesses its own power but, at the same time, it is a projection of two basic planes – Spirit and Matter. Because this is energy. 

Lastly, the fifth component of twelve emancipated planets of the past manvantara, the planet Uranus, has the quality of Intelligence as the principle of Matter, concrete Matter. This Matter which is to evolve in the Solar System embodies via this planet. Intelligence becomes material and a carrier of energy, in other words, it embodies as the final element of the set of five and carries the charge not only of involution but also of evolution. It is through Intelligence that Matter and living biological substance begin to function in the Universe. So Intelligence is the last point, It initiates the process of both involution and evolution of the Solar System. These give principles: Life, Consciousness, Matter, Energy, and Intelligence are fundamental ones not only in our Solar System – they are fundamental principles of the galaxy and of constellations, they must embody through certain vehicles, certain planetary lives which hold these definite qualities throughout the entire Solar-Sistem manvantara, i.e. during the entire life of the Solar System. This means that our planets begin to live as reflections, echoes, manifestations, as embodiments of these great principles. 

As for our heptad which includes the planet Earth, it exists on a different plane, is passing a different stage of evolution and is evolving right now. Therefore all the seven planets one which is our Earth are our Brothers and we are the Solar Man. Particles of each of these planets enter our bodies, our consciousness, and our biological structure. These are not mere energies, they are absolutely material particles. We consist of the particles of all the planets on which we passed our evolution, that is Saturn, Jupiter, Phaeton and Mars. We consist of the particles of these Planetary Lives and accumulate a certain new particle. One of the revelations of Mysteries was that during the fifth cycle of substance, in the fifth globe of the fifth chain a new element, Intelligentium, will be created. At present it is being created in the mental body, then it will be precipitated and will become an element of the Solar System. It will be a new chemical element. All elements first come through intelligence and then are precipitated on the physical plane. That is to say that we function as ferments of the Solar System evolution. We catalyze space, we create, according to the aim and the purpose, certain elements and structures of the Solar System Iu oa?iaioe?oai i?ino?ainoai, iu nicaaai niaeanii oaee e caaa?e ii?aaaeaiiua, and then they will pass, on the physical plane, into another evolution – the next wave – which will take place on Venus. It will be the sixth wave of evolution. The seventh wave will evolve on Mercury. 

Thus we have three seven successive waves of human evolution in which Saturn is Time and, at the same time, physical substance; there we passed the mineral, stage of our evolution, the evolution of physical matter. It was the stage of mineral man. 

Jupiter spells consciousness in living biological substance and of the totality of all its relations and interactions. For that reason, Jupiter’s reflection on the fifth planet, Earth, are relationships and interactions of religious, or social consciousness, of various levels of public organizations marital relations. Why? 

The third planet, Phaeton, is a great tragedy of our Solar System. It was to accomplish the task of physically embodying Man in the aspect of his intelligent individuation, – not as a human animal, or a biological being, vegetable or substance, but a being endowed with intellect, instincts and embryonic power of individuation. We have already mentioned that the tragedy of Phaeton was that this large planet burst into pieces. Judging by the number of asteroids, it was very heavy. The centripetal force was unable to keep, and it burst into pieces. This is why the principle of individuation, the egoic principal of man which was to be realized aeons ago was karmically accepted by Mars and Earth. They are completing the work left undone by Paeton. Hence the myths of Lucifer and the fall of Adam. All these are reverberations of the tragedy of Phaeton. It is the latter that holds the principle of individuation of consciousness which is expressed in man’s personal orientation and motivation. 

The next stage is that of Mars, the fourth wave of evolution, whose task is to unfold consciousness the energy of conflict and polarity, actually, through the principle of the cross. The unfolding of these polarities leads to the search of the inner center and, actually, of original Christhood, the state of crucifixion. So the crucifixion was decided upon not on the Earth but on Mars – naturally, burdened with Phaeton’s karma, which means that the process did not take place on that lofty level of truth and normality which it should have if Phaeton had fulfilled its task. Therefore the lofty principle of the Hierarchy of Love and Light which had been destined to be materialized on Mars, and the Cross which had been destined to express the principle of Love rather than of suffering, found expression specifically in suffering. In fact, the unfolding of polarity is, in a sense, is realization of the positive and the negative through the center, in the process of inner interaction. 

This aspect of Mars as the energy of polarity is known to us intimately, it was embodies in full in the program of the fourth race. The program of Phaeton was embodied in the third race; of Jupiter, in second, and of Saturn – in the first race. All our racial cycles are projections of planets. 

Correspondingly, the Earth is the fifth, rather than fourth, planet as has been indicated in all sources, and this is a radically new paradigm and a new teaching which places the Earth on a new level of evolution. Even the Tibetan writes that the Earth is the fourth planet, and this is why A. Bailey speaks of the Earth from the angle of the Fourth Ray, of the Cross and Crusifiction. This is an old tendency and an obsolete tradition which is corrected by new knowledge now. The old tradition was a necessity, but it should be remembered that both A. Bailey and all disciples were guided by the Second Ray. The Tibetan Master himself was Koot Hoomi’s disciple, i.e. a disciple of a master and teacher of the Second Ray which is based on the principle of the Cross, of Love and Wisdom. At present, the principle of the First Ray is being manifested in Russia, in our school and in the work conducted by it. This is precisely why the principle of the Fifth and Seventh Rays underlies the basic task of the epoch of Shamballa – of Shamballa rather than of the Hierarchy of Light and of Christ. For this reason it was realized once again that Phaeton which had broken into asteroids is still a planet which possesses an intrinsic integrity and that it is regaining its integrity through the asteroids now. So it is necessary, astrologically, to regard them only as one planet and not as separated and separate pieces. Therefore the Earth as the fifth planet contains the path of new consciousness. This is, primarily, a consciousness of integration, of the intelligent wave of evolution, and it is from the Earth that begins the path of ascent towards the Source. In other words, the middle of the Path has been left behind, as well as Mars, the Cross and the lowermost point of descent. Ascent begins from the fifth planet. The fifth, sixth and seventh planets are the planets of the return to the Source. Therefore the fifth planet is the principle of integration of matter. The sixth planet, Venus, the principle of is group consciousness and the unfolding of the group nature of consciousness. Lastly, the seventh planet, Mercury, is the principle of complete identity of Spirit and Matter. 

This is a very brief overview of the life of these twelve evolutionary waves. 

Let us see now what is new in our paradigm, in our concept, and what are its differences from the traditional one. Let us consider traditional astrology. If we look at the traditional position of planets in classical astrology, we will see that the latter is oriented primarily to the horizontal evolutionary path. Aries, the first planet, is situated exactly at the point of the sunrise, i.e., the first planet is situated exactly at the point of sunrise, to which underlies the entire system of astrology and astronomy, because both the point of precession and the point of the beginning of the year are in the sign of Aeries that is situated precisely on the east-west axis, which corresponds to the astrology of homes, to the ascendant and the descendant. 

Why is it specifically the horizontal axis that underlies traditional astrology? Because it is oriented to physical sunrise and physical sunset. In other words, it is oriented to physical radiation of the luminary, to the light of visible Sun. We know that this horizontal axis corresponds to the astrology of the Soul, because all temples are oriented to the east. The eastern orientation of temples is orientation to the Christ, to the principle of light and of the Soul. 

The new astrology, establishing a vertical astrological axis, i.e., positioning the principle of the first sign not at the point of spring equinox but at the point of winter solstice. Thus it is the zenith-nadir axis in the system of homes that becomes the basis of the astrology of the vertical, the astrology of vertical symmetry. Please note that this contradicts traditional astrology somewhat. On the one hand, it is oriented to the horizontal axis. Even A. Bailey writes that the first field and the First Ray of Power are in the sign of Aries. Thus it is the First Ray, the first point of initiation of God the Father, is positioned in the eastern point of spring equinox. At the same time, traditional planets which manifest ... the major planets are in other signs. A consideration of traditional astrology reveals the existence in it of a certain symmetry which is known as a planet’s nocturnal and diurnal homes in ordinary astrology. It is important to see, however, that underlying this vertical axis are the planets: Saturn governed by Capricorn, and Moon governed by Cancer. Thus we see that this axis is nevertheless vertical, but it is based on Saturn-lunar consciousness, which testifies to a rather great antiquity of this model It should be remembered that the signs as such are objective, as well as the fields. It is only man who provides them with an interpretation and creates a certain model which becomes commonly accepted afterwards and enters human consciousness so firmly that it really begins to work, and man becomes, in a way, modeled after this already existing paradigm in advance. In other words, it is the paradigm that determines consciousness, rather than the reality on which it is based. For a very long time we have been conditioned by a paradigm which was once created by priests. This must be understood very well. 

Now as concerns the Saturn-lunar man. What is Saturn? If you know astrology you must remember that Saturn is Form, the Higher Intelligence of integrated personality, it is personality as such in the area of the mental body and, perhaps, not higher than the third circle of the petals of Manas. Moon is Man’s physiological part, his physiology, ether that determines his body, his somatic being. It follows from this that the entire mandala of planets does not reach beyond the limits of integrated personality and that there is just no room for the principle of Soul in astrology. (I am not speaking of the principle of spirit.) 

So the whole of traditional astrology is completely devoid of the principle of Soul. It is separate question – how great astrologers like A. Bailey find a way out of this situation, really finding both Soul and Spirit and constellations in traditional astrology, although they do not radically change its model but only modify and complement it, introduce new elements to it. Therefore time is ripe, rather than engage in its cosmetic embellishment, to change the entire model of ancient astrology radically and completely and to formulate a new task, that not only of the astrology of Soul but also of the astrology of Spirit, of the astrology of Solar Man in the twelve waves of his evolution. 

So we have Saturn-Moon, and then Saturn–Sun, because Aquarius is governed by Saturn while Leo is governed by the Sun. Here we have two Saturns, the Moon and the Sun which make up the basis of the vertical. Then follow absolutely symmetrical structures: Jupiter– Jupiter, Sagittarius–Pisces, Mars–Mars, Aries–Scorpio, Venus–Venus, Sagittarius–Libra, Mercury–Mercury, Virgo–Gemini. We see a purely mathematical model here which ignores completely any knowledge of concrete tasks of each planet and simply follows them as they are positioned in solar space. Most importantly, here the Sun and the Moon are actually personality zones. The Sun is the zone of human individuality, while the Moon has no right be found in the common circle, because in fact there are no such planets as the Moon and the Sun. There is no planetary evolution occurring on the Moon or on the Sun. Instead, there exists the planet Earth, but it is not included in the circle. It is supposed to occupy the central position. This renders the entire astrological system geocentric, viewed from the position of human observer. In this case Saturn and the Moon, i.e. personality, have their lawful position as the basis. 

But if we place the Sun in the center, i.e., turn the existing system into a heliocentric one, if we replace the Moon with the Earth as a full-fledged planet possessing its own specific task and purpose, then we will have twelve – not signs of zodiac, of course, not animal signs but twelve – sectors provisionally designated as fields in which each planet, each evolutionary wave has its representation, and all of them are positioned according to their involutionary or evolutionary task. Here we have a completely new task of new universal astrology which is based on a twelve-field system in which, naturally, planetary influences are placed in an entirely different way while the Sun, the solar center, becomes the basis of new astrology. 

Since my consciousness also evolves, and transmission of knowledge continues according to its evolution and to the forming of new astrology every year and in every sign, new knowledge comes. There have been several periods, several models and several stages of the study of this new astrology. At first it was work on the so called quadrants each made up of three fields. A quadrant is part of the cardinal cross divided into three fields. 

From the very beginning, these four quadrants were considered from the angle of both the involutinary and evolutionary processes. It was shown that the primary vibration comes from the apex of the year, from the first field (Capricorn). This is the point of Father. This is the supreme reality of Father, while below is the point of Mother. Therefore the interaction of Mother and Father (who may be regarded as cosmic, solar and planetary Mother and Father) they are, in a sense, the southern and northern poles, or Sahasrara and Muladhara, the positive and the negative. They provide for an interaction between these two principles. Naturally, the first quadrant was regarded as that of Father, as the first logoic triad of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma with their respective planets. The second quadrant was regarded as embodying the principle of the Son, as the principle of the involution of Son incarnating in matter. The third quadrant was regarded as evolution of Mother, i.e. as matter raising the principle of intelligence towards the Heavenly Father. And the fourth quadrant was seen as the principle of Son, but from the angle of His evolution, i.e. of Son as hierarchic self-consciousness of Man. 

Hence the notion of the Son of God and the Son of Man. The former represents the still involving consciousness which imbues human souls with Divine power, while mankind still open like a child of God, while Divine tutors still guide them by the hand and humans only accepts the light of Truth offered them. The fourth quadrant is the Son of Man who has passed all the stages of material evolution and is in control of group, hierarchical and inner self-awareness. This is the Hierarchy of Light and the disciples on the inner side. 

We worked on this concept for a very long time, with result that we saw the four quadrants as four stages of involution and evolution of Logos. We called the first quadrant theogony. This is the first trinity which directed the processes of theogony as Divine Creation of the Solar System. The second quadrant represented cosmogony directing the processes involved in embodiment of planetary matter. Correspondingly, the third quadrant was that of anthropogony, of process of the growth of Man – physical, astral and mental. The fourth quadrant was called that of hierogony (derived from the word “Hierarchy) concerned with synthesis of all principals in this fourth, or zero, aspect. Underlying this entire system was the principle of Tetrad, i.e. of four quadrants, each of them being triune. 

Then this system began to modify, resulting in the appearance of a new, more perfect model whose consideration I suggest now. 

The structure of this model is based on axial symmetry rather than central. Earlier structures were based on central symmetry, so the architectonics of the first stage of their astrology was a kind of a dome over a center which may be visualized as a twelve-corner pyramid. This pyramid is focused in its center. It was a certain type of architectonics of that level of consciousness. A new structure began to formed gradually which reflects a higher level of consciousness which is connected with the Man and Logos identity. It is based on the seven-fold nature of symmetrical fields where the first and seventh elements form an axis and the rest are regarded as the seven centers of man – in the involutionary and evolutionary directions respectively. Here the first field is the sahasrara, the seventh is the muladhara, the sixth and eighth are the svadhistahana – on the involutionary and evolutionary lines respectively; the fifth and the ninth are the manipura, the fourth and tenth are the anahata, the third and the eleventh are the vishuddha, while the second and the ajna and the sahasrara. Thus the entire system became an expression of seven-fold man in vertical position. This brought us to the question of organizing this space. 

When we began to work with the higher planets they did not fit into the quadrants because they did not yield to grouping by three. There were five and seven planets. In fact, I believe that there are not five higher planets but also seven of two of which we just know nothing thus far. This brought us to the idea of two connected heptads made up seven involutionary, fron first to seventh, elements and as many evolutionary one, from seventh to thirteenth. This thirteenth structure became the final element of the dual complex heptad. In fact, the seventh element also has two directions. The seventh element becomes the first from the point of view of Mother. Then we have a structure made up of two heptads: that of Father (first to seventh) and that of Mother (seventh to thirteenth which is in fact the first field of Mother). Here we see the plenitude of the One Man of Heaven. Correspondingly, the planets were arranged in such a way that the five higher planets did not require division into quadrants, they formed a complete heptad.