The Word Of The Master to the Mystery of the 6th field 2017

My dear younger spiritual brothers and disciples of the School!

I congratulate you on completing the first half of the year and interior work in the 6th field!

This year is a turning point in the fate of all mankind and Russia. And you as representatives of a new Christ-mankind and human hierarchy of your Mentors and Lords stand in this critical situation of the planet as the basis and support us, your Elder Brothers and Teachers of Light. During this time you have done great work and mostly above yourselves, cleansing and transforming your body shape by standing up under the highest, 6th nature of your individual and group Soul, and opening the way to the 5th Principle of nature of Budda-consciousness, or Higher Mind, in the Mystery of the 5th field corresponding to the 5th year of a New era.

We watch and support you in your selfless work for the construction of the Ashram-School as a living organism of the new humanity of the coming era. And we see how your conscious has grown over a short period of time – several months. Restructuring of Schools has yielded the first positive results, which will be tested and checked on the evolutionary ark of the 2nd half of this year.

But one thing is the same – an inner group of the School stands firmly and holds in a superhuman effort, the spiritual body of the School. Mentors and helpers are doing their great job in the extreme tension of their forces and see the results in the minds of their disciples. Zone of Junior fraternity moves in a small serving that makes their primary, but confident steps to the inner spiritual center and channel of the School. New methods of purification and construction, which we pass to you through a Leader of the  School, start working quickly and properly on optimizing your spiritual work. It’s allowing you not to make large and serious mistakes.

Currently, the School is aligned, dropping a huge mass of matter and energy of the previous cycles of your training and serving. You must bring this work to the end, until the root in the Mysteries of the 7th field and to make a spiritual shift in the consciousness on the evolutionary arc. It is this act The result of the "great battle" for the "spiritual man", which will be genetically bred as a new kind of human sub-races, thanks to your efforts, is assigned through a win in this Mystery of the unity and Brotherhood of the human.

Remember that every step you take luck and victory or defeat is recorded in the annals of the hierarchical consciousness. Best qualities will be selected as the substrate and sublimed, and thus performed work on the creation of a new genome. It is not only objective and transcendent, it becomes genome in the moment when a certain nation, a School, a Church of Discipleship, Apostleship of a New era presents a result of a new consciousness, ahead of its time, and laying the foundations of a new humanity of coming age of Aquarius.

Be worthy of this highest goals and objectives and do not stop your noble and honest efforts!


Your Elder Brother and Master