02.03.2018 03:52 MSK / 00:52 UTC

for mass-individual consciousness

Epigraph: The First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians 2:10,11

These things God has revealed to us through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. For what human being knows what is truly human except the human spirit that is within?”.


Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

It is the Mystery of the Omni-Present, All-permeating and All-organizing Holy Spirit, opening by Himself the beginning of the new cycle of the incarnation of the third hypostasis of the Life-giving Trinity or the cycle of Brahma – in every person of the Earth,

Opening up in them the objective trinity of Spirit, Soul and form and manifesting in every human person as the lesser trinity of their mind, sense and body,

revealing in specific situations of your life a small particle of the Supreme Human Spirit as the principle of Intelligent Creative Will through the following spiritual qualities of the perfect personality, namely:

on the physical plane: the principle of the "All-fulfilling lesser Human Spirit", manifesting creative activity in organizing the accurate and precise routine of each day in your daily spiritual work;

on the astral plane: the principle of the "All-permeating Spirit of Man", penetrating into the depths of your sensitively-perceiving heart, revealing in it the sacrament of intimate relations with the Spiritual Essence of your (and your Group’s*) psychic Soul;

on the mental plane: the principle of the "Omni-present Spirit of Man" as a constant Spiritual Presence of the Supreme Mind in your every thought and in the creative process of perceiving new Universal Ideas and their embodiment in group work and scientific work in all areas of civilization

(extend and supplement these qualities)

by which (by these qualities) you stand up into the oneness of your creative will with the Supreme Mind of your Mentor and overcome all obstacles and difficulties on your spiritual Path through the following qualities, namely:

on the physical plane: passive and spiritless "vacuous-action" as a repetition of the habitual automatic actions that form a lifestyle revolving in the same closed circle of your life, leading to the passivity and meaninglessness of your existence;

on the astral plane: spiritless impenetrability and personal isolation of a person on their own experiences and relationships revolving around their small self and depriving them of the opportunities for spiritual growth to the High Source of their psychic Soul;

on the mental plane: non-realization in your human mind of the Higher Essence of the Spiritual Reason in consequence of the limited and closed nature of your mental matter serving the lower desires and passions of your personality

(extend and supplement these qualities)

gathering the result of your spiritual victory over yourself – over your spiritless manifestations in yourself (and in the brotherhood of your group*),

and rising up by this result in the culmination of the Mystery under the High Spiritual Guidance of your Soul and the Mentor of your Group,

opening up by Himself in this great Act the beginning of the new cycle of Brahma from the 3rd  to the 11th field (Pisces through Scorpio) of this year and the beginning of the Path to the new Spiritual civilization of the coming age of Aquarius.

 *for collective consciousness