28.06.2018 07:54 MSK / 04:54 UTC

for mass-individual consciousness

Epigraph: John 16:21

When a woman is in labor, she has pain, because her hour has come. But when her child is born, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy of having brought a human being into the world”.


Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

It is the Mystery of the Great Mother of the World of the New Age of Aquarius, being in spiritual union with the Divine Father,

creating a variety of forms and species of Life on Earth and giving birth in this great initiation process to the one Son as the new humanity of the coming era of the 7th Ray,

manifesting Herself as the principle of intelligent self-organizing physical matter in every person who, through the consciousness of their mind, is learning the objective laws of the world order through the following qualities, namely:

-  on the physical plane: implementing the law of transforming the inertness and passivity of your personality into intelligently organized work and your way of life in accordance with the high purpose and task of your Physical Soul;

-  on the astral plane: discovering/opening in yourself of the law of transformation of your attitude to the form of external material events of life – into the choice of true spiritual values ??of the inner world of your Astral Soul;

on the menal plane: the spiritual cognition of the law of transformation of your formalized and limited concrete thinking – into the aspiring creative open mind, directed to the Source of your Mental Soul,

(elaborate and expand on these qualities)

By which (these new spiritual qualities) you relate to the Source of the intelligent nature of your Soul, distinguishing and separating by it (the nature of your Soul) from the negative imperfect qualities of your personality as non-fulfillment of these universal laws of the Life of the Great Mother, namely:

on the physical plane: the non-execution of the universal law of transformation of the matter of form into the matter of the Soul consciousness and, as a result, completely falling out into the personal goals in your material way of life;

on the plane of feelings: the violation of the universal law of transformation as attachment to external material things and events of your life and, as a result, the loss of the opportunity to gain true spiritual values ??of your Psychic Soul;

on the plane of mind: the formal exexution of the law of transformation, which distorts its spiritual meaning and leads to the degradation of your mind and the loss of its connection with the Mental Soul,

(elaborate and expand on these qualities)

collecting the result of changing and improving of your personality according to the universal laws of self-organization of your intelligent matter

and rejoining by this result in the culmination of the Mystery with the New Source of the High Mind of your individual Soul and the Mentor of your Soul, opening for you the path to the beginning of the new cycle of the seven fields of the second half of this year.