21.01.2019 08:17 MSK / 05:17 UTC

for mass-individual consciousness

Epigraph: John 8:12

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

this is the Mystery of the Sacred Sacrament of the Universal Baptism of every human Soul – by the Supreme Light of the Great Life and Love of Christ the Father of the New Age of Aquarius,

pouring this Incessant Radiant Light into the high spiritual space of the Lesser Luminary of your individual Soul and Her Mentor,

and illuminating with this Light the lesser spiritual spheres of your whole personality:

- open receptive mind,
- sincere sensitive heart,
- living surrendered body,

identifying in the process of spiritual growth and evolution of your consciousness in each open space of the physical, emotional and mental body of your personality – a living lesser drop of the descending Primordial Light of your Soul through the following qualities, namely:

+      on the physical plane – feeling of your physical openness – to the High Light of your Soul through your carrying the living physical warmth and generosity of self-giving to the surrounding world of people;

+      on the emotional/astral plane – experiencing your psychic susceptibility to lesser particle of the Radiant Light of your Soul and Her Mentor, lightening the sphere of feelings in yourself and the world around;

+      on the mental plane – clarity and impressionability of your mind to the High Light-bearing Thought of your Soul and Her Mentor as the ability to carry a particle of this Light to human minds of the surrounding world

 (extend and supplement these qualities),

by which (by the qualities of the Light of the Soul and Her Mentor) you distinguish and separate in yourself these real qualities from the “shadowed” facets and properties of your personality, namely:

-       on the physical plane - a feeling of being shut-in on your lesser family and work affairs and closed from the High Light of the Soul – and the resulting display of coldness and separation from other people and brothers of your group;

-       on the emotional/astral plane - insensitivity and callousness of your perception the spiritual nature of the Higher Light of the Mentor's Heart and your Soul, darkening the sphere of your experiences and the people around you;

-        on the mental plane - the vagueness and unintelligibility of your thinking, separating you from the High Light of your spiritual mind and Life or your Mentor and the resulting impossibility of fertilizing the concrete mental sphere of people around you with your though

(extend and supplement these qualities);

gathering in this initiatory sacrament the living nature of your perfecting personality, freed from negative qualities, and rising in the culmination of the Mystery together with your spiritual brothers – to the High Light-bearing Space of the “Spiritual Pool of Light and Love” of your Soul and the Life of your Mentor,

Himself revealing in this Sacred Mystery of Spiritual Baptism – the Great Beginning of the New Cycle of Christ the Father (Aquarius to Sagittarius) of this year.