19.02.2019 18:55 MSK / 15:55 UTC

for mass-individual consciousness

EpigraphJohn 3:5-6

“Jesus answered, “Verily, verily I say unto thee, unless a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.
That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

It is the Mystery of the Holy Sacrament of the Spiritual Appearance of the Great Trinity Holy Spirit
as the One Immensity – in a Sacred Space,
as the Spiritual Primordiality – in a specific cycle of time
and Infinity – within the concrete boundaries of the Consciousness of your individual Soul and Guiding Mentor,

manifesting Itself in every person on Earth as the tri-une Essence of the All-pervading human Spirit through the Spiritual Body of your Mentor in three spheres — your mental, psychic and physical life,

revealing on the evolutionary arc of the Mystery in specific life situations – the process of consecutive returning to the Supreme Source of the Spiritual Space of your Soul and Her Mentor through the innermost entrance and awareness of your place of abode in each of the three spheres of your personality and Life of your Soul, namely:

+   on the physical plane – organization of your time and space as a manifestation of particle of the “All?pervading Spirit” in the spiritual task set by your Soul and Mentor in mastering the skills of conscious spiritual work;

+   on the psychic (astral) plane – conscious interaction through the innermost connection with the Heart of your Mentor — with the particle of “All-pervading Spirit of His Love” and establishing the right relationship with the brotherhood of your group and surrounding people through your individual Soul;

+   on the mental plane – opening  up and receiving the particle of “All-pervasive Spirit of Thought” of your Mentor, who is bringing the New Universal Ideas to the mental space of your fraternity as a way of spiritual enlightenment of people of the world around you,

 (extend and supplement these qualities),

by which (by these spiritual qualities) in this sacrament of the Mystery you gain intimate unity with your Soul and your Mentor, distinguishing and liberating in specific situations of your life from negative and soulless qualities and properties as outdated form of your personality, namely:

-    on the physical plane – spiritual uselessness of wasting your time and the unconscious filling of your spiritual space with the affairs of the external material form that do not allow the “All-pervading” Spirit of the Mentor to properly cultivate new skills of your Spiritual Life;

-    on the psychic/astral plane – isolation and lack of receptivity of the consciousness of your psychic sphere to the “All-pervading Spirit of Love” of your Mentor and, as a result, the separateness and separation of all students from their individual Soul and from each other;

-    on the mental plane – isolation and closeness of your mental space, concentrated on external mental situations as the inability to perceive your small “All-Pervading” Spirit through the High Mind of your Mentor, carrying your mental form to people around your and losing your ability to do enlightening activity in the world around you,

(extend and supplement these qualities),

collecting the result of the process of purification from the negative properties and delusions of your personality by the new liberated consciousness,

opening by this result in the Culmination of Mystery the path to the Higher Mind of your Soul as a particle of the “All-pervading Spirit” of the Mentor,

opening in this solemn act the beginning of a new cycle of Brahma from Pisces to Scorpio (3 to 11 field) of this year.