26.08.2018 14:57 MSK / 11:57 UTC

for mass-individual consciousness


Dhammapada I Pairs, Verse 14

“Just as rain does not break through a well-thatched house,
so passion never penetrates a well-developed mind.”.

Dhammapada IV Flowers, Verse 36

“Mara* never finds the path of the truly virtuous,
who abide in heedfulness and are freed by perfect knowledge”.


Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

it is the Mystery of the Sacrament of the High Mind opening out in every man as the spiritual "Heavenly Air" of your Soul permeating into you through the "living breath" of your Mentor,

opening in the inner space of your mind, heart and body – an active focus on creative thinking activity as self-knowledge and self-development of your personality through the following qualities, namely:

-          on the physical plane: active focus and responsibility for the task assigned to you in the brotherhood of the School, overcoming and solving any arising problems on the spiritual Path by the power of your thought;

-          on the plane of senses: opening up of attention and discernment of your true motives and intentions of staying on the spiritual Path –  from false ideas about yourself and [about] your place in your current group and School;

-          on the mental plane: concentration on your reflection on the goals and objectives of your learning in your School as the development and observance of the inner self-discipline of your mind

(elaborate and expand on these qualities)

by which (qualities), in specific situations of your life and in spiritual connection with the High Mind of your Mentor, you distinguish and free yourself from the lower manifestations of your concrete mind, namely:

-          on the physical plane: irresponsible and passive attitude to the assignments given by your Mentor and the Elder Brotherhood of the School, generated by the selfish nature of your personality, which does not relieve, but, on the contrary, attracts difficulties and obstacles for the development of yourself and of your brotherhood;

-          on the plane of senses: unspiritual hypocritical concealment of your intellectual motives of self-esteem and self-justification, destroying the spiritual connection with your Mentor and the brotherhood of your group;

-          on the mental plane: unfocused nature of your mind as substitute for and calling off of your consciousness towards the lesser external goals and needs of your personality, and the resulting falling down to the illusory meaningless repetition of recurring situations of your life,

(elaborate and expand on these qualities)

presenting as a result of the liberation of your mind from the negative personal qualities – the final outcome of the change of your consciousness

and rejoining by it (the result) with your individual Soul as a Particle of the High Mind of your Mentor, completing the cycle of the Buddha (from the 5th to the 9th field – Taurus to Virgo) of this year.

* Mara: the Tempter in Buddhism, represented in the scriptures as an evil-minded deity who tries to lead people from the path to liberation.