24.10.2018 (19:46 MSK / 16:46 UTC)

for mass-individual consciousness

Epigraph: John 14:17

“even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, because He abides with you, and he will be in you”.


Realize the main purpose and task of the Mystery:

it is the Mystery of the Great Holy Spirit, Who dwells as His “Invisible Particle” in the Highest spiritual space of each person,

permeating this space and lowering His Spiritual Presence into this human Soul through the Intelligent Creative Spirit of your Mentor,

extending His Spiritual Grace and Supreme Light into the open cup of your listening mind, your sensitive heart and your awed and surrendered body,

turning the consciousness of each of your personal bodies towards the all-round evolution, conscious change and your spiritual aspiration to discover your own essential spiritual nature in yourself through the following qualities, namely:

-          On the physical plane: the creative activity motivating you to the right actions, leading towards spiritual liberation from vain and from staying in the world of concrete matter;

-          On the plane of senses: the spiritual unity with the world as deep humility, attaining in itself a particle of the “Great Paraclete” or the Holy Spirit at the moments of opening your loving heart towards Him;

-          On the mental plane: the purity of your thoughts and spiritual questioning to the Highest Intelligent Spirit of your Mentor, who is keeping in Himself an innermost particle of the One Holy Spirit and lowering his Highest Response to your small petition,

(develop and expand on these qualities)

by which (qualities of the lesser Spirit) in specific situations of your life you consciously overcome the trials and obstacles arising in your life path, freeing yourself from the non-spiritual lower qualities of your personality, namely:

-          On the physical plane: the lack of initiative and the passivity in the creative process of your external and internal spiritual activity, leading to the loss of your spiritual freedom, plunging into the concrete world of your personal material interests;

-          On the plane of senses: the buildup of lower spirits of your egoistic selfness and pride in your consciousness, blocking all spiritual connections and unity with the Higher World of the “Spiritual Paraclete”, not letting Him into your closed and fireless heart;

-          On the mental plane: the impurity and continuous whirligig of your thoughts around yourself and problems of your personality, blocking the innermost unity with the spiritual thought of your Mentor and the loss of the ability to touch the only Particle of the Great Holy Spirit that you are capable of perceiving and transmitting through yourself into the surrounding world of people,

(develop and expand on these qualities)

presenting in this act of the Mystery the cumulative result of the victory of the Particle of the Higher Spirit of Mentor within your mind, heart and body – over your lower attachment to the concrete material values ??of life of your personality,

reuniting by means of it (by this result) in the culmination of the Mystery with the Highest Source of the Creative Spirit of your Soul and Her Mentor,

who (the Mentor) is opening by Himself the Path to the formation of the new intelligent humanity of the coming age of Aquarius.