Practice of Mystery



1. All-world Meditation of Peace.

2. Ideas to work with in the mystery.

3. Structure of the mystery for groups.

This article contains guidelines most adapted for secure work of the beginners; though the structure given is typical and can be used to hold any mystery but with other thoughtforms.

1. All-world Meditation of Peace

There are 2 mysteries in year - the All-world Meditation of Peace, kept regularly on December 31, 12 a.m. GMT, and Full Moon in Twins. These are the two mysteries in the year participation in which is free to all regardless the level of consciousness.

Quotation from “The Problems of Humanity” by A. Bailey (in back translation).

“There exist three yearly celebrations that all people will hold together. These celebrations are concentrated within the three month and lead to continuous spiritual effort that effects the whole year (say, form the archetype of the year)...They manifest Divinity through the Shamballa where the Will of the Lord is known, the Hierarchy of Light that fully embodies His Love and the Humanity, whose task is to fulfill the Lord’s Plan, in Love to all and in Will for the Good.

The first Celebration is Christmas, the celebration of the resurrected and living Christ, Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This day the Spiritual Hierarchy of Love will be drawn by people, love expressed and realized. It takes place in the first full-moon after the Spring Equinox, so in Aries... This will be the great western celebration (i.e. not egrehorial but of a new Universal (western) Doctrine).”

Why the full-moon. It’s not anyway related to lunar cults. This is the point where the Sun, the Moon and the Earth stand together, expressing correspondingly the Spirit, the psychic and somatic nature and the principle of Manas (the newmoon points are also mysterial but for advanced spiritual groups). These three stand into the strict spiritual linkage and thus the solar channel is formed by which and with the Moon as the reflector the great power of the system rays goes onto the Earth (the Logos of the Solar System relates to the Logos of the planet like the latter relates to us, so He is God to our God). This is a great force of Life that has in this moment a slot onto the humanity. So within hours and minutes tremendous spiritual energies go onto the Earth. Thus full-moon points are used by the Hierarchy of Light to flow through with this arterial blood of the planetary system; if there is also the human call for these energies as the venous blood, these two structures meet together, initiation comes; thus a great planet liturgy takes place.

Aspect of the Spiritual Life and Sacrifice arouse in this mystery.

So the meaning of the Christmas is uniting of the Father - the Powers of Shamballa, and Son - the Hierarchy of Light with the Humanity that stand together like the Christ and Jesus in the moment of their Initiation. Those stood in this mystery who took the cross of service.

The second great Celebration is Wesak (from sanscr. Bull). So this is the full- moon in Taurus, the celebration of Buddha as a great spiritual mediator. This is the point of His Birthday, His Great Illumination and His Ascendance to Nirvana. So this is His day as of one of the Christ’s avatars and mediators between the Earth and the Solar system. “Buddha is the manifestor of God’s Will, embodiment of Light and the teacher of God’s Purpose. The people will call for Wisdom and Light...

This is the great celebration of the East and West. Christians already recognize this celebration... This is not only of the Indian Buddha Gautama, but of the future Buddha Matreya, who is the same personality as the Christ. Thus the Universal Doctrine links the celebrations of the Buddha and of the Christ for these are very close structures of consciousness.

The third is the Celebration of the Humanity, or the celebration of the Planetary Christ, Embodied in the Heart of Each Man. “This is the celebration of the human spirit, striving to reach God and dedicated to manifest God’s Will. This will be the day, where the Divinity of the human nature will be strongly expressed, as well as its power to express the Will for the Good and establish correct interpersonal relations as manifestation of this Divinity. This will be the celebration of the Call of the Humanity towards the Senior Brotherhood, it will express the basic desire for brotherhood and unity and symbolize the impact of the Christ’s and the Buddha’s work on human consciousness. It will take place in the full-moon, Twins.

“If unity in these three celebrations is reached it will modify all aspects of life and make spirituality dominant in consciousness of Man.

So in the Tetrada School we work with thoughtforms in each full-moon and even newmoon points.

In Christianity all three of these celebrations are known. These are Christmas, Ascendance and Pentecost (Trinity).

This celebration in Twins is of the human hierarchy, of the Brotherhood of the World Servers. Purposes of the Christ and Buddha have to be embodied in the mind of men, and it’s very important. The genia and prophets of the humanity, each in his field, those who make the evolution of human consciousness are members of this Brotherhood, apostles of the new age. They will stand in focus of this mystery, together with their groups. So it’s really the mystery of the humankind, the main purpose of which is to unite human consciousness with the Divine Plan.

2. Ideas to work with in the mystery.

1. Realize the task and purpose of the Mystery. (Uniting of the new humanity of the Earth as mind and the Holy Spirit, embodied on the planet, with the great wisdom and Love of Matreya the Christ and the Hierarchy of Light and the spiritual will of the Buddha Matreya, who embodies the powers of Shamballa. So these three points -humanity, the Hierarchy of Light and Shamballa- should stand together).

2. What are the concrete manifestations of the principle of the New Humanity of Earth as the One Man of Heaven who embrace all men as parts of his body and manifests through the principles of Unity, Brotherhood and Group Consciousness?

3. What are the new purposes and tasks that you map out as a group, school or congregation for this year of the Heavenly Man embodiment on the Earth with which you come close to the mystery of the fullmoon in the Twins. (What will be your purpose of call onto the great powers of the Hierarchy?)

4. What are the concrete manifestations on your personal inward way to the Truth, God a Soul? “How I fulfill through myself the part of the Life of the Christ and Buddha, embodied in me? How am I linked with my Soul as the supreme Life of the Spiritual Man of the Planet?”

5. “What is my Way within the group consciousness of the New Universal Doctrine? Do I still remain on the stage of switch into the Doctrine in the aspect of faith and understanding? Do I have individual experience of the spiritual evolution and consciousness? Am I already included into the zone of the group, regular work as into the initial structure of the Brotherhood?”

6. “How I experience the Brotherhood through the plan of Soul and Personality with those of different beliefs, nations and levels of consciousness? What is the principle of the co-unity and consciousness (co-science, co-knowledge) in? What is my experience of realizing myself as part of the Great Heavenly Man of the Planet?”

7. “How do I perceive and realize the great spiritual mission of Russia in erection of the spiritual linkage between the humanity and the Hierarchy of Light? What is my personal contribution and the one of my group into the formation of the new consciousness on the planet?”

So you must develop these seven ideas in preparation to the Mystery.

3. The Structure of the Mystery.

We do not recommend to work exactly in the point for the energies will be too high, but 6 or 12 hours later (these vibrations decrease each 6 hours, though still being very high within the first 24 hours after the point of the mystery.) It’s good to receive blessing from the spiritual worker who works within the structure of mysteries. (For this purpose you may contact the International Department of Institute, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Otherwise you may suffer of various astral and mental impressions (euphoria, visions etc), which can damage spiritual results.

The mystery goes 3 days, 2 first of which should be devoted to preparation. The very important part of this preparation is purification. So to purify the body there can be moderate vegetarian fast, not hunger, for hunger weakens the body; for astral purification you should do prayer and for mental one reading of some spiritual texts. 24 hours before the point you will start to work in the mystery you should make rehearsal, i.e. to gather in a group (or individually) to link by the means of a bow your consciousness with the point of the mystery (true astronomic point) and enter into the aspect of mind by answering verbally those questions that are put as ideas for the mystery. If it’s a group, you may proceed through this work standing in a circle. All this work is held to open consciousness towards the purpose of the Mystery.

The next day is of the work itself. You enter into the work with a bow and an inward call for blessing.

The day after is of realization. You must gather with your group and speak through the results of the mystery that you can see (first of all, how your consciousness changed). Besides, the 2 days after the mystery are the days of good deeds in which you fulfill the energies you have drawn.

Now let us consider the work itself.

Part 1. Circle.

Step 1. Formation of the structure.

If you work in a group, the simplest structure for it is “circle-and-center (point)”, or mandala. The central axis of this circle is to be oriented to the East. You should not use the northern orientation, though it is of the Universal Doctrine, for this direction gives too powerful energies. The East of your mandala will be the point of the relative North. If you have three seniors (tutors) (which is better than one, for they can embody the three (mental, astral, physical) aspects), they can work along this axis as well as in the center. So to the moment of your enterring the circle the seniors are to be already in the center. You enter the circle from the top anticlockwise with an inward prayer. It can be either the Prayer of Jesus, or the Divine Mother, or the AOUM mantra. The last one is used by the disciples of the Universal Doctrine. The senior(s) are meanwhile gathering in their consciousness the coming people. If you have a diversified structure, the junior members (the level of consciousness meant) take their places first and in the outer circles. The seniors come into the circle first. So the line stands with its head oriented to the East (i.e. upwards and “to God”).

Step 2. Actualization of consciousness.

(Finding yourself in space, time and consciousness: who you are).

1. Actualize yourself in space: feel yourself in the circle, feel brothers, possibly with the help of your arms, you may also attract into your consciousness those who are not physically present.

2. Actualize in time: correlate yourself in time with the full-moon point. With a bow (for the bow is a universal method of joining into any form of things) you should enter in consciousness into the very moment of the full-moon to attract and keep working in these energies; if it is a small mystery and you work exactly in its point, this work must be started an hour in advance to reach the culmination exactly in the point. You should correlate yourself as the Moon that stands in this full-moon as personality (somatics and psychea-emotion, object of the Earth), the Earth as the "mindful" Soul (Manas), and the Sun as the pure Spirit. (Take note that this picture differs from the commonly accepted). So, for in this moment you combine in yourself the Moon, the Earth and the Sun, you are the full-moon.

3. Actualize in consciousness: find the most strong point of the linkage with your consciousness and Soul. Try to hear this consciousness in those who are around, to realize that not physical bodies stand around, but Souls.

Step 3. Bow and Call for the Blessing.

In this point all the participants in a bow address their seniors, and the Senior in the center addresses the Hierarchy to bless the work for he didn’t work out of himself. So the whole mystery is being blessed.

Part 2. The Sanctuary of the Mystery Erection.

1. Realize your physical body, links of it with the ones of the brothers; realize that your body is the aspect of mind and concrete action. Having done this, try to remember and re-collect through your body all the good deeds of the last year as a some physical clot of positive physical energy. Try to feel it simultaneously in yourself and in your brothers.

2.Realize your astral center which is heart; realize that you feel, that you have psychics, inward consciousness, heart, love, actualize yourself in this state, simultaneously keeping sense of brothers, and recollect all good episodes that you had throughout the last year in this state (of love, compassion, patience, kindness etc), not struggling, not denying, you must bring here only positive things, negative ones will vanish themselves (this way you also stand under the positive power of Love).

3. The same you do in your mental body. You realize yourself in the nature of mind, find your brothers in this nature, and recollect good thoughts and ideas.

So these three clots must be educed.

4. You integrate this spiritual substrate into one entity. You realize the level of positive spiritual work that you have accumulated. Please, mind that you do all this work keeping sense of your brothers, “in yourself and in them”.

5. With a bow you lift all this integrated vibration through the Center (Heart) into the zone of Soul, individual and of the group. With a help of your arms (that we often use symbolically and as antennas of Heart), lifting your arms upside, you try to draw apart the restrictor of mind through the point of the Sakhasrara, open the dome over you to let the Life of the Soul be shed down and unite with your personality; you dress with the higher Light.

6. Now together with all the brothers who stand in the circle, through the seniors in the center, you concentrate the whole energy of the group-Brotherhood, energy of personal Souls embodied as mind, feeling and body, you stretch arms towards the center and lift the call towards the Soul of the Brotherhood (If the three are there in my name, I will be with them”: if 20 brothers stand in the circle, the strong field of the Christ is there), you begin hearing the dome of the Church (=Brotherhood), Sanctuary of the Mystery.

The dome of linkage with the Soul and with the supreme Brotherhood is opened.

7. Through this single channel, this higher dome, you start to make a triple Call, to seek the way beyond the dome, where stands the cross of the new Christ Matreya.

Part 3. The Call.

These are main ideas for this Call (that may be substituted). Each Call goes through a bow and arms lifting (the latter may be done with fingers and tombs connected for a greater strength).

1. Call for the unity and linkage between the humanity, the senior brothers and world servers, and the Hierarchy of Light.

2. Call for the embodiment of the great power of the Christ Matreya in the new humanity of the Earth that must descend into the heart of each man as Life of Love and Wisdom.

3. Call for the embodiment of the great Buddha Matreya and His spiritual group that must descend into the spiritual will of the humanity. The will of the humanity and the supreme Will must come into synergy.

4 (integrating). Call for all the humanity (all levels of consciousness) to join into the new Universal Doctrine of the Hierarchy and for creation of the new status of the World Server.

Part 4. The Response.

1. With the Call you break the dome of limitations. The bright sky, the clear way is opened and the stream of Life and Light is shed.

2. The seniors speak out the revelations, i.e. they describe the state they live through; what they feel, what they think, new horizons and purposes open. This is the unique moment, when a great stream of meaning can come forth and a new knowledge open.

3. You let down this spiritual power that has opened and transmit it into all the humanity that stood together with you in this Mystery. So this is transmission and distribution of the energies.

4. You confirm the whole structure of the work with the Great Vocation (see books by A. Bailey).

5. All turn fromout the circle (simultaneously) and transmit energies through hands to all who need, to all the humanity and the kingdoms of nature (animal through Manipura, vegetative through Swadhistana and mineral through Muladhara).

Part 5. The Circle.

All turn back to the center of the circle and realize the conclusion of the Mystery. The senior in the center guides all to collect the results. You must perceive what has happened during the mystery, what state you do experience.

These results are gathered and transferred into the Center within the Senior Brotherhood that has initiated the work. You ask to leave with you only what is yours and what you need for the spiritual progress. If it is not observed you will experience agitation and euphoria. Next there will come a bow, in which you give up the remainders of what does not relate to you, what you don’t have the right for.

You finish with a bow of gratitude to all your brothers and seniors who worked together with you.

Then you mildly leave the circle clockwise with the mantra.

After this work you should remain in tranquility and peace, avoid any noise and keep the prayer state of consciousness; sit and write down within a half an hour what has happened. Then we usually have the meal at the round table to “physicize” the results of the work. Hold this experience as a child inside until you speak it through on the day after. Then you may share with the others.

We hope to hear from You.

I finish this work and with great pleasure I put this essay under the light beam of the Hierarchy, that has initiated this work. So I give the energetic path and life to it through translation and sending by fax or mail to all Spiritual Centers of the World, that will be able to open the Way of a new, international, group within the School Ashram.