The following essay provides information for those who aspire for the Spiritual Path of Discipleship and Initiation, and opportunities of education in the International Group of the Ashram School.

1. The Ashram School of the 7th ray in Russia, officially known as The Institute of the Universal Knowledge “Tetrada”, is the externalization and the outer part of the 7th Ray Ashram of the Hierarchy of Light; its work is based on the principles of Higher Universality, Synthesis and White Mysterial Magic.

The School is spiritually led and guided by one of the Great Masters of the World who leads the disciples in Russia, Europe and America. It is a school of “direct transmission” of the New Doctrine of Universalism through the Ashram and Spiritual work of the Leader of the School working in the Planetary Group of World Servers.

The School continues traditions of and bases its activities on works by H.P. Blavatsky, Agni Yoga transmitted via H.I. Roerich, the spiritual Doctrine of Master Djwhal Khul, transmitted via Alice Bailey, as well as on Universal Doctrines of Oriental Masters such as Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff and all secret and esoteric Doctrines of World  Religions and Spiritual Lodges of East and West.


The aim of the Ashram School is to train candidates for the Occult Path of Spiritual Discipleship in its new quality of Group Consciousness and Group Initiation. This Path is achieved through the conscious building of Antahkarana, or a Spiritual Bridge, that links the triple integrated personality of an individual or a group with the individual or group Soul, as the Supreme Ego, or the Higher Ego and the Causal Body of the Thinker (Manas).

Its purpose includes also a breakthrough beyond the limits of the Spiritual Program of the Fourth Race which was determined by its astral polarization and was achieved on the religious mystical path of spiritual exaltation and union with God, to the Path and the Program of the Fifth Race, associated with mental polarization of humanity, which works through the principle of Occult Science, metaphysical and philosophic Research by means of conscious cognition of matter on all levels, from physical to spiritual.

The School is already cherishing the seeds of the future consciousness of the Sixth Race, as spiritually connected of group units of  consciousness of its Disciples’ Souls. These group bodies, being attracted to each other according to the Law of the Co-vibration of Rays, begin a long-term joint work on the formation of a new planetary body, which will become the One Heavenly Man of the Earth manifesting the United Humanity of the Earth of the Age of Aquarius.


The main Principle and Method of the School work is occult meditation as work of a Disciple through the instrument of his consciousness and mental body with the causal substance of Manas or his Soul. The search of and concentration on the inner focus of consciousness or the Disciple’s Soul is the basis of work with consciousness and is a coordinated entry into the group body of the School and its Spiritual Centre. This spiritual Centre of the entire School is the Thread of Life or Sutratma which is a living energy channel that comes from the Zone of Initiation of the 7th-Ray Ashram, passing through the entire hierarchical structure of the School (the Leader, the Senior Brothers of the Main School, down to the Zone of Junior Brothers of the Preparatory School and the Outer Ashram). Thus the unfolding evolution of the 7th Ashram rests on the principle of the group and hierarchical structure, arranged as a biological system of living organs interacting through a spiritual and physiological feedback system.

At the same time, we must make a point of the fact that an artificial and forced development of extrasensory powers (siddhis), such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, lower forms of psychism, mediumism, healing, etc., are not the aim and the task of the School. All the above powers are regarded as part of the “left-hand path” and are not compatible with any deep Spiritual work on changing the substance of consciousness. When naturally activated, these powers are used by disciples as the qualities of Higher Intuition, Wisdom and Knowledge for the purpose of spiritual service.


Following one of the aspects of the 7th Ray, which is the Ray of Ceremonial Order and White Mysterial Magic, the 7th Ray Ashram School has revived and, in 1989, began to  hold Spiritual Mysteries in which an effective connection between the Hierarchy of Light, the Ashram of the World Servers and earthly humanity is effectively reached. Energy work in the Mysteries is based on the principle of Call and Response and thus achieves the occult-scientific task of building the group and planetary Antahkarana. The main form of mysterial work is the principle of White Magic as the conducting and adapting the Higher Divine Energies of the Hierarchy of Light and Shambala as they descend through the entire structure of the Initiates and Disciples on to all the planes of the body and consciousness of both humanity and all the kingdoms of Nature.

The Mysteries are classed as Major, Minor, Inner and educational. The Major Mysteries are held at the full-moon points in seven solar signs (ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, LEO, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, and AQUARIUS). Since they are designed to  establish connection between the Higher Planes of Consciousness of the Hierarchy and Shambala and all planes of human consciousness through the Group of World Servers of the Planet, it requires group participation of all the disciples of the School.

The Minor Mysteries are held at the full-moon points in the remaining five signs of the year as well as at the new-moon points and at the point of entry into a new sign. They constitute a more intimate and subjective part of work and are held only within the inner groups of senior disciples or individually in the junior brotherhood.

The Inner Mysteries are a special field of advanced work of the Ashram School which is carried out in inner groups of senior disciples of the School and individually by the rest, i.e., junior brothers. The Inner Mysteries are connected with the Inner Group’s work on the astrology of “living constellations” and their influence on all the planes of consciousness of the planet, the points of the new, Uranic-Solar calendar, developed by the School, and some other special astrological events. Educational mysteries structure the initial steps on the Path of building group work of the School and its educational process.

The Mystery is a synthetic Sacrament, a Spiritual Ceremony, using verbal, musical and symbolic forms as well as colour and movement on the basis of energy work of a group, a section or the entire body of disciples. Admitted to participation in inner group Mysteries are only disciples who are members of the group and who have passed Initiation to the Temple of Mysterial Work. The rest can take part in them, working individually with thought-forms and ideas, formulated and transmitted through the Inner Ashram, at the points of Mysteries. The Mysteries are also the zones and centres of initiation through joint cyclic and rhythmical work of the Hierarchy of Light and humanity of Earth.


A. The structure of the 7th-Ray Ashram School is based on the hierarchical principle of work which meets the task of the externalization of the Hierarchy of Light in Russia. The Ashram School has three levels which, along with the Inner Group of World Servers, constitute the Spiritual Triad of the stages of the evolution of the human race, i.e., the Main School, the Preparatory School, and the Outer Ashram.

The upper level (the Zero Aspect) of the 7th-Ray Ashram School is represented by the Inner Group of Disciples of the Ashram.

The next level of Spiritual Training (1st Aspect) is the that of the Disciples of the Main School. On the whole, it is oriented to the Path of Discipleship and Initiation, as well as to the Path of World Service, and accepts graduates of the Preparatory School who have taken Initiation and have given the Pledge of Service. The Main School requires strict discipline, a serious scholarly, philosophic and esoteric training in the Preparatory School and complete devotion to the work of the Group and the School. In the framework of the Institute of Universal Knowledge, the Main School follows the curriculum of the Faculty of the Science of Religion (Theology) and has three subdivisions corresponding to the three main bodies or the three Aspect Rays:

1. The School of Universal Knowledge with the total duration of training of 13 years. The school lays emphasis on Occult Metaphysical Knowledge, Research and Science. Accepted to it are disciples between 30 and 60 with mental polarization having Rays I, III, V or VII of the Soul or the personality.

2. The School of Spiritual Development of Consciousness with the total duration of education of 10 years. The school emphasizes the task of the development of consciousness, Spiritual Ethics, theosophy, the synthesis of arts as work with colour, sound and form. Accepted to it are persons between 30 and 60 with astral polarization and mental orientation having Rays II, IV and VI of the Soul or the personality.

3. The School of Creative Mind and Spiritual Education. The period of training is 7 years. The school lays emphasis on psychological peculiarities of human consciousness, various forms of Yoga, physical practices and works on the adaptation of higher forms of Spiritual Knowledge and meditation to practical and external forms of human existence. Accepted to it are persons of 30 to 60 with astral polarization having Rays III, VI(V) and VII of the Soul or personality.

In addition to the required curriculum of the Faculty of the Science of Religion, the training at the Main School includes also esoteric disciplines, developed on the basis of work of the Inner Group of the Ashram of Thinkers: the History of Universal Doctrines (From Manu and Hermes Trismegistos to the recent occult and universalist doctrines of the 20th century), as well as such disciplines as: Spiritual Theosophy, Occult Psychology of Yoga, History of Philosophy in the esoteric aspect of Knowledge, and History of Religions, also in their esoteric aspect. Besides, the school carries out weekly group work on the transformation of consciousness, mysterial practices, work on the physical body through scientific and spiritual interpretation of the oriental practice known as Tai-ji and work on the Statute as the compendium of fundamental laws and rules of Group Work. New special disciplines: the Science of group relations and the Science of mysterial work, are being introduced.

All disciples of the Main School who have passed probation in the Preparatory School are Leading Tutors and the leaders of lines, classes, disciplines, whole schools and groups and, as a whole, make up the Junior Brotherhood of World Servers of the Ashram School.

B. The second level is represented by the Preparatory School with a 3-year term of training. Accepted to it are persons of 30 to 50 with a serious philosophic and esoteric background. The Preparatory School is oriented to the Path of Probation and corresponds to the status of a candidate to the initiation to the Main School. The entrance to the Main School is possible through taking the Pledge of Service which the disciples of the Preparatory School can do after three years of training. In their second year in the school the disciples take the Pledge of Discipline which authorizes them to take part in inner sacraments of the School.

In the framework of the Institute of Universal Knowledge, this school also belongs to the faculty of the Science of Religion (Theology) with three above-mentioned main lines of work and are the fist grade of that faculty. The three grades of the Preparatory School are also oriented to the three bodies and the three Rays of the Soul and personality and bear the corresponding names: the School of Mental Integration, the School of the Development of Consciousness and the School of the Development of Spiritual Creative Mind. Correspondingly, the emphasis in these school is made on:

?   the Fifth Ray of Spiritual Science in the mental school;

?   the Fourth Ray of Harmony through the Centre in the astral school;

?   the Sixth Ray of Idealism in the physical school.

The main lines of esoteric training and disciplines are distributed correspondingly: Fundamentals of the Occult Science, Principles and Methods of the Synthesis of Arts, and Fundamentals of Spiritual Ritual. However, the following special disciplines are taught in all schools: Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge, Ethics of World Religions, work with the physical body through new inner energy perception of Hatha Yoga. Since the Preparatory School trains spiritual tutors, its curriculum includes also methods of training disciples of the Outer School and individual disciples, and also members of Groups of Spiritual Communication. The program includes weekly reports of all students on their work in the groups in their charge.

The basis of work in the Preparatory School is weekly group classes at which spiritual methods of work with consciousness are practiced and which include the interpretation of assimilated esoteric knowledge and reports on the change in one’s consciousness during the week. Obligatory are Full Moon and New Moon Mysteries and mysteries of entry in a sign of the Zodiac which are held individually, in groups or by classes, depending on the purpose of a particular Mystery.

After the examinations at the end of a year all the schools (Main, Preparatory and Outer) hold expeditions to the most important spiritual centres of the CIS (the Crimea, the Caucasus, Buddhist Centres in Buryatia, the Solovki Islands, etc). Apart from the practice of community life and meditation, the work in these expeditions includes various kinds of research in monuments of spiritual culture, egregors and spiritual traditions of a particular area.

C. The Outer Ashram of the School is the third grade in its structure and includes several subdivisions.

1. The Outer School which follows the line of the Faculty of Social Work in the Framework of the Institute. The term of education is 4 years. Accepted to it are persons between 30 and 70.

This is a school of human Boddhisattvas, Servers of the Soul, for the Aspirants. Their status is that of disciples of 1st Atlantic Initiation, the Initiation of the Open Heart. Their work is work in the community spirit, work of priests of the New Age.

The curriculum of the faculty lays emphasis on psychology, pedagogy, various forms of social work, initiation to the program “Caritas” as help and service in orphanages, hospitals and boarding houses for the elderly. The spiritual program of the school emphasizes ethical education and Kriya Yoga as the yoga of purification of the three bodies: physical, astral and mental. At the fourth year the discipline called Acusmatics (based on the Pythagorean system) is introduced, which is designed to unfold symbolic and intuitive-figurative thinking in the students of the School. Spiritual disciplines include: Holy Writs of World Religions (1st year); “Esoteric Doctrines of World Religions (2nd and 3rd years); Fundamentals of Theosophical Knowledge (3rd and 4th years).

During group classes methods of meditation are practiced aimed at the development of the inner Centre of Consciousness and the unfoldment of the Light of the Heart, as well as work on the interpretation of Spiritual Literature, recommended by the School’s Methodical Council.

On the whole, the school is oriented to the Path of Spiritual Tutorship and trains instructors and tutors working in groups of Spiritual Communication, with individual disciples in any social structure, and with groups within the School of Spiritual Education of Consciousness.

2. The next level downwards is the School of Spiritual and Moral Aid. This school is designed for men and women of Good Will seeking active service in the world and rendering spiritual and moral aid to all who need it. The status of people of Good Will is the beginning of the unfoldment of the Heart, the beginning of 1st Atlantic Initiation, of Anahata.

The term of education is 6 years. After the first three years of education the students are given the status of spiritual-moral assistants and the corresponding certificates. The school trains leaders of groups of Spiritual Communication. Accepted to the school are persons of 30 to 70 years of age.

This school is not connected with the study at the Institute; nevertheless it curriculum includes such disciplines as psychology, pedagogy, social work, the history of religions. The project Caritas aimed at help and service to people in need is carried out. In its spiritual curriculum special attention is paid to ethical training and physical and purificatory practices. Group training under the supervision of a tutor includes the practice of methods of meditation aimed at the unfoldment of the Heart and work on the interpretation of spiritual literature.

3. The School of Spiritual Education of Consciousness. This is the level below 1st Atlantic Initiation, prior to the unfoldment of Anahata. Accepted to it are persons who only prepare for Initiation. They begin with attending groups of Spiritual Communication and Individual Discipleship and then pass to the School of Spiritual Education of Consciousness. The status of these persons is that of SEEKERS of the PATH. The term of training is 6 years. Accepted to it are persons between 30 and 70.

This School is not connected with the study at the Institute either and therefore accepts students whose karma does not allow them to devote themselves completely to spiritual building of the Ashram and to Service to the World. It is oriented to the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment of Consciousness of an individual person in the context of a group or individually in contact with a Spiritual Tutor.

The training in that school is based on psychological work with consciousness according to the program of spiritual and psychological correction, spiritual communication and the unfoldment of a person’s harmonious relations with the surrounding world. The practice includes also interpretation of spiritual literature, monitoring the states of one’s consciousness through a self-analysis diary and correction by tutors. Students of this school are allowed to take part in summer expeditions, arranged for these groups.

4. The Outer Ashram includes also the Young People’s School for persons between 18 and 30 who seek Truth. This School carries out education according to the program of the Faculty of Integral Culture in the Framework of the Institute of Universal Knowledge. The term of education includes 3 years for the diploma of a Bachelor of Culturology and 3 more years for the diploma of a Master of Culture.

The work of this faculty is based on the principle of the all-round unfoldment of the culture of personality and of consciousness, including: the culture of the physical body, the culture of feeling, the culture of mind, the culture of social and family life, the culture of conscious thinking, etc. Besides, the Faculty of Culturology teaches all fundamental humanitarian disciplines: history, philosophy, the history of religions and comparative religion, culturology, the history of arts and literature, ethnology, semiotics, axiology, folklore, the theory and history of music, of the theatre; as well as a number of natural sciences: biology, astronomy, geology, and other. Lastly, the students familiarize themselves with various practical skills in arts and crafts: carving, glyptic, sculpture, choreography, graphics, painting, poetry, stage direction, instrumental and vocal music, dancing, acting. On the whole, the unfoldment of consciousness and creative skills during the training term in that School prepares one for entering the Preparatory School or the Schools of the Outer Ashram.

After every three years of training a young culturologist may graduate and work in any pedagogical, social, cultural, humanitarian or scientific sphere.

5. The external school is attached to two faculties: of the Science of Religion (Preparatory School) and of Social Work (Outer School), and also to the School of Spiritual and Moral Aid and of the School of Spiritual Education of Consciousness. It has two departments: mixed fulltime-correspondence and correspondence. Trained at the former are persons of 30 to 70 years of age, preferably university graduates, who are leaders of Spiritual groups and circles in their cities or regions. At present, Leaders of schools and branches in 16 cities of Russia, the Ukraine and the Baltic states are trained in that school.


In this connection, the School organizes a new, international group of Spiritual Disciples from Asian, European and American countries aspiring for Esoteric Education and Spiritual Path for the purpose of organizing new centres and schools of the Universal Doctrine of the Hierarchy of Light in their countries. The task of this international group is to form new Planetary Group Consciousness and one integral Planetary Ashram as a new School of World Service. Admitted to the School will be persons of 30 to 100 years of age having a philosophic and esoteric background and having a meditation experience in any of the existing systems. It’s desirable that an applicant be the leader or a tutor in an already existing group of disciples or in a spiritual movement in his or her country, city or region.

In 2013 Tetrada started a new project – online education for international group. This group is successfully working on the special program 1 day a week. The admission of new students in the group happens on a regular basis.

During sessions methods of occult meditation, principles and fundamentals of groups work, work with and interpretation of spiritual literature and fundamentals of esoteric knowledge will be taught. Lectures on philosophy, the history of religions and psychology will be delivered. The disciples will be initiated to one of the Mysteries which are the basis of inner sacred work of the School. They will be taught principles and methods of Mysterial Work.

The fee for classes and their translation into English will depend on individual possibilities of each disciple and his or her wish to invest in building the Ashram School.

We wish all the seekers of the Path of Spiritual Discipleship and Initiation of the New Aquarian Age of the 7th Ray to realize their readiness and to consciously assume the Cross of World Service together with the Brotherhood of the Ashram of Russia in the fulfillment of the new task of Planetary Work.

With deep love from the Leader of the School AOURANA (Lydia Peretrutova)