The 1st field (the sign of Capricorn) main keys

21.12.2018, 21:24 GMT

1.     The 1st is the field of completion of the Existence matter evolution cycle, in the 7th step of the unified Shiva's year cycle, as the Fullness and Plerome of the manifestation of the Divine Father's Life and Spiritual Will.  

2.     The 1st is the field of Unity of all, of the Synthesis, of gathering the results of all the 4 quadrants and all consciousness levels into the One Spiritual Centre of the Great Heavenly Father's Life, the field of renovation of Life and of getting ready for the start of the New World Creation.  

3.     The 1st is the field where the One Life, the Great Total Existence manifests itself as the Divine Existence on all the planes of the solar system, of the planetary life and in every man, launching a new planetary yearly cycle. 

4.     The 1st is the field of unification of the Integral Hierarchic Son with the One Divine Father, who (the Son) rises to identity with the Father and carries the seed of the following cycle, as the archetype and the matrix of the 5th race, the 5th subrace, the 7th sub-subrace.  

5.     In the 1st field the new Hierarchic Son under the guidance of the Masters of the 7th Planetary Initiation, accepting the Divine plan, manifests the life-giving power so as to create worlds with it.  

6.     In the 1st field the new Brotherhood of the World Servants of the Planet shows through itself new qualities of the Spiritual Triad in the 1st theogonic quadrant: the Spirit, the Total Consciousness, and the Creative Will of the One Heavenly Father, and reveals the qualities of the active creative will in the humankind.   

7.     In the 1st field every man and every disciple undertakes, as the One Heavenly Father's son, the new aim and task of the Soul (individual or that of a group), unfolding them for the whole cycle of the coming year, and displays the qualities of the goal-oriented precise action concentrated on the Soul's task the qualities of consciousness, purity and awareness of the motive, throughout the whole year cycle of the Divine Father's Life realization.