Main Keys to the 10th Field

23.09.2018, 01:55 (GMT)

1. The 10th field is the field of  manifestation of the 4th  Planet’s Ray or Principle of Polarity Through the Center, revealing itself through the symbol of Spiritual Cross on where Human Son of  Aquarius ?poque is rising as new Christ and Servant of Soul.

2.10-th field is the field of  Fullness and Plerome of denary involution and evolution way of Man of the Year, opened in three quadrant: in 1st  - theogonic (1-3 fields), in 2nd – cosmogonic (4-6 fields), in 3d – anthropogenic (7-9 fields) and opening the entrance into the higher 4th-hierorgonig quadrant of the year or the space of  formation of the True Human Son as a part of planet Hierarchy in 10th,11th and 12th fields.

3.10th field is the field where Unified Man’s of the year consciousness is revealing and moving from Mental-Manas to Buddha Plan as the beginning of Great Outcome and Release from influence of rational-concrete matter of the 5th principle, corresponding to 5th race and 5th subrace, into live substance of matter of consciousness of Spiritual Fire and Love of Planet Soul or the 4th principle (the 6th in seven plans of consciousness to atmah), corresponding to the 6th race and 6th subrace.

4. 10th field is the field of Great Subjects of Planet Hierarchy of Light as Initiated and Teachers of the 4th Planet Initiation, staying at Buddha Plan of consciousness and who are holding by themselves the Principle of Love, Wisdom and Compassion of Christ- Human Son, for all levels and directions of Aquarius ?poque Humanity.

5. In the 10th field  the standing-up act of planet Brotherhood of World Servants and their followers in Spiritual Schools – Ashrams  of the New ?poque onto the Way of Teachers and Tutors, staying on Buddha Plan, as communion to live flesh of Unified Christ’s Body as a Master of Planet Hierarchy. 

6. 10th field reveals the principle of group matter consciousness in humanity and all its activity, and which shows in everything the Higher Goal of Hierarchy of  the united planet evolution, directing human social life according to the laws of New Civilization of Universal Learning.

7. In this field, deep and immediate connection of every individual and group soul is being established with Buddha Center of Love, Wisdom and Compassion of Planet Christ, who reveals the quality of Spiritual Wisdom through illuminated human mind, Higher Love-through the depth of human love and every heart opening, and the Principal of Compassion through the spiritual help and mercy on physical plan of serving to people, forming a new conscious Follower of the Coming ?poque.