Basic keys of the 7th field (sign Cancer)

21.06.18, 10:08 GMT

1. The 7th field is a field of developing 7th Holy Principle of The United Life, that discovers through qualities of Universality and Synthesis of main Principles and World Laws, Unity of Spirit and Matter in all forms of human life and Principle of Science Ceremony and White Misterial Magic like interaction of United Planetary Consciousness and each individual Soul.

  2. The 7th field is incarnation of 7th planetary Ray that discovers through Ashram of 7th Ray and all schools of this Ray in all continents and accomplishes principle incarnation Holy Life of its Teacher and Master to all centers of new Spiritual Civilization trough Planetary Brotherhood of World Attendants.

 3. The 7th field is a field of Great Mother of the World as Principle of Objective Matter, which equals to the Holy Father Spirit, that compiles with Him to make Holy Unity of 2 Beginning of the World and creates life in all developed forms on the Earth.

 4. This is the field of Human Hierarchy or Brotherhood of World Attendant – Subjects of Light Up Intelligence, that take responsibility for creation of the new civilization that based on Principle of 7th Ray Synthesis and human activities that works in all spheres and directions: philosophy, science and techniques, culture, education, economics, politics, social-societal relations and others and brings in it Universal Laws of the New Aquarius Age.

 5. Through the point of the summer solstice in the 7th field happens Great Turn of Spiritual Axis of the year from the involution to the evolution Way in Consciousness and Intelligence of Earth mankind and starts Way Back to its Source of Life that located in the 1st field of that year.

 6.  The 7th field is developing of Great Planetary and Human Hierarchy in each human personality and discovers in it:

-          Universal thinking, that shows new ideas of the future civilization,

-          New human relation, that build on true lows of Love and Spiritual Brotherhood,

-          Quality of misterial ceremony of each action that creates Spiritual Reality on the physic level of human life.

 7. The 7th field discovers in the mankind and all forms of the planetary life Principle of Spiritual Substance like intelligent Spiritomatter that earn to organize around itself life, based on the Laws of Supreme Intelligence and therefore build a basis for future civilization of mankind and before human kingdoms of nature in the coming Aquarius Age.