Main Keys to the 9th Field (Virgo)

23.08.2018 (04:10  GMT)

1. 9th field is the field of Great Mother of the World, in which Higher Nature of Her Divine Sense is revealed, realizing itself in every man through the Consciousness of his Soul as a part of Unified Consciousness of human planet.

2. 9th field is the field of Great Mental Axle 3d Principle (3-9 field) or the Holy Spirit, which reaches its depth and fullness of realizing itself in mental matter of the humanity in this field and makes Great Spiritual turn onto the way of conscious evolution of human mind to Higher Principle of Spiritual Mind in the cycle of the 5th race, 5th sub-race.

3.  9th field is the field of mental matter opening through Son of Humanity of World’s Mother not only in the sphere of human kingdom, but in pre-human kingdoms of Nature. Which starts their conscious evolution through the new Spiritual Consciousness of Human Race as a go-betweener in the coming ?poque.

4. This is the field of Great Subjects of Human Consciousness who stands up into responsibility for all mental evolution of humanity and revealing in it Nature of Divine Consciousness of Great World’s Mother as Higher Basis for developing, in every man, his true Spiritual Inner Man-Mental Subject.

5.   9th field is the field of Spiritual Integration of triple form or body, human heart and mind, which rises and directs itself to the Higher Spiritual Trinity or Holy Soul  through the Triple Mental Subject, establishing Principle of Sacred three-tripleness of Unified Man of Earth.

6.  In this field the Great Mystery of Assumption of Great World’s Mother is taken place, in which She endows Unified Conscious Human Son with Divine Nature as a bearer of Divine Seed of Holy Spirit and as a result of this Mystery every human Soul finds its Way of Rising to the Higher Source of Celestial Father in brotherhood of similar Souls.

7. In the 9th field all progressive humanity of the Earth, directed by the Brotherhood of World’s Servants of the Planet, becomes a conscious performer of Divine Plan of Hierarchy of Light, on conversion humanity from astral to mental level and the beginning of  Spiritual Program of 5th Aryan Race, attracting and revealing  through its mind in its professional and spiritual creative work ideas of Universalism and Synthesis as revealed parts of Unified Doctrine of Aquarius ?poque.