Main Clues to the 2nd Field (the Sign of Aquarius) of 2018.

19.01.2018, 03:10 GMT

1)  The 2nd is the field of the Supreme Source of One Life in which unfolds the nature of Universal Light, Universal Love and Universal Knowledge of the 2nd Logos incarnating successively in the 6 even fields (zodiacal signs) as through the 6 steps of one year of Vishnu.

2) The 2nd is the field of the Planetary Hierarchy of Light headed by their Divine Lord Christ-Maitreya who manifests through the Great Masters of Love, Wisdom and Compassion of the 6th Planetary Initiation who hold the Higher Spiritual Hierarchic Centres of the Planet and the Ashrams of the first three Aspect Rays.

3)  The 2nd is the field of the unfoldment of Hierarchic Matter of the Vishnu's Second Principle as the Buddhic Nature of the Substance of Light which expresses itself through the entire Hierarchic Scale of the Subjects of the Group Souls in the inner Light of each individual Soul.

4) The 2nd is the field of Universal Baptism as the initiation of panhuman Soul with the Supreme Light of Love and Wisdom of Christ the Father which spreads and irradiates from the Unitary Centre of Spiritual Light and Fire into the focus of each individual Soul, ignifying It with Sacred Spiritual Fire of Love of the New Era's Supreme Spiritual Consciousness.

5) The 2nd is the field where all disciples of Hierarchic Brotherhood of the Christ of the New Era take the Sacred Oath of Love and Devotion in which the Path of True Sonhood is gained as the disclosure in oneself of the intrinsic Nature of the Soul's Light and Its reunion with the Original Source of the Life and Love of Christ the Father of the disciple's limited level of consciousness.

6) The 2nd is the field in which the Brotherhood of the Planet's World Servers   unfolds the Principle of  Hierarchic and Group Consciousness from the Planetary Christ's Unitary Centre into reasonable and conscious mankind as the Archetype of the coming 6th subrace of the 5th, or Aryan, race.

7)  The 2nd is the field in which manifest the Life and the Consciousness of Proserpine, one of the Higher Planets of our solar system, which expresses through itself the Divine Light and Omniscience of the Solar System's 2nd Logos reflecting in the Great Life of Planetary Shambhala  thought the 1st aspect of One Buddha Maitreya as the Lord of Love and Emancipation of the coming 6th race.