Main Keys to the 4th Field (the Sign of Aries)

20.03.2019 (22:00 GMT)

1The fourth margin  opens a low half-sphere of the twelfth mandal’s  of  a year’s margins, where Father’s  Sun Life of upper half-sphere enters into the concrete planetary display, making a qualitative jump in consequence of which on the basis of the  Planetary  Life  an  Indivisible Planetary Human stands up like the Son of the God,  or the Great Christ keeping by Himself a vertical Father-Mother’s axis  (or first and seventh margins Crayfish) on the horizontal axis of fourth-tenth (Aries,  Balance ) of the Human of the Year.

2. Sun Life’s immutable  dynamic incarnation is being done in the fourth margin starting, by this the process of Cosmogony, unfolding on four plans of the Planet: Buddhic, monastic, astral and other-physical, corresponding to four margins of the second quarter   of the year (4,5,6,7). So the fourth margin, the margin of  opening Principle of Love and Wisdom in the Earth humanity’s mind, as the result of Sun Life  incarnation into substance of Planetary Soul.

3. The Fourth margin wakes up Life in all kingdoms of nature: mineral, vegetable, animal and human, borning inside of them the offspring of   a new Sunny Life in the Planetary material.

4. The Fourth  margin – is a Spiritual  Heart of Human of the year like a point of    Cross and Resurrection of Planetary  and Human Christ through Eradiatable  Sunny Power’s Center of Ierarhia’s Light, in which there is the Reviving and Awakening of planetary  substance to an  origin new cycle of its evolution.

5. This prominent event of Universal Easter evokes  in the mental –monastic coating of the planet humanity a flow of new Ideas and Dreamforms directed to realization by Humanity of Ierarhia’s  Light leading  role and Its Owner – Christ - Maitray, the most icrarnisity principle.

6. This awakening Principle of Mind and Love and Wisdom of the  Christ discovers a new understanding its  of  true nature and High  Qualities of  Soul, causing the changes of standards of life relations with surrounding people and New Epoch man’s true world and look.

7. Human Soul’s activity on the plan of its Higest Mind leads to form in him the inner human – the subject, who is  able not only to implement and realize  new ideas, but everyone of the United Fraternity stands up consciously  in his   small Cross of Service to Humanity and to Ierarhia of Light.