Algorithm of Astrological Mystery

Preliminary remarks.

It is necessary to indicate some restrictions for participation in Mysteries before transmitting the method of conducting them.

It is not recommendable that persons with excessive nervous and psychic excitability and those suffering from some kind of nervous or psychic trouble, as well as alcohol and drug addicts, take part in Mysteries.

It is not recommendable that persons with weak or poor health, elderly people and those under 30–33 years of age take part in Mysteries.

It is not recommendable that persons indulging in psychic or magic arts, healing and channeling practices or attempting to attain various supernormal powers (siddhis), as well as those controlled by beings from the etheric-astral and mental planes, take part in Mysteries.

Recommendations for this category of persons include: confession in an Orthodox Christian church (if he or she is a baptized Christian), participation in the first preliminary part of Mystery process (fast, inner silence, prayer) and deep reflection on the texts of classical Spiritual Sources and Sacred Scriptures of the world.


A Mystery always begins one or two days before the moment of the fool moon, when the work of deep purification is done. If possible, it is necessary to distance from outer anxiety and enter the state of profound inner silence. Highly recommendable are physical purification and fasting – not hungering but just fasting.

Purification on the psychic plane includes: deep repentance with regard to those to whom harm has been caused through negative emotions and thoughts, especially with regard to brothers and tutors (if this work is carried out in the School), prayer as inner path and the establishment of contact with the Higher Principle of one’s Soul.

And, lastly, the calming of the mental body, inner silence. However, the calming of the mental body as such is not enough, it should be a work of preparing for the Mystery. It is absolutely necessary to know the aim and the purpose of the Mystery which you will have to set forth. It is necessary to correlate the Mystery with the tasks of the sign of Zodiac, or the field, in which the Mystery takes place. Therefore it is advisable to prepare for it, preferably with the help of Alice A. Bailey’s book "Esoteric Astrology" or using the lectures of the School in which the aims and purposes of each sign, its problems and the keys that have to be studied to become prepared for the Mystery, are given.

You must identify those keys and reflect on the purpose corresponding to the sign in question. Reflecting on the Supreme and the Eternal, it is necessary to refer the process to oneself: how do I personally participate in this Great Sacrament, how do I make this step in Great Evolution, how do I personally carry responsibility for the Brotherhood of my group, for my neighbors and people in general? These are the questions of the Eternity and of your own personal participation in it that you must ponder on deeply before each Mystery.

This is the preparatory work which is usually done on the eve of every Mystery. This preparatory work is completed with the preparation of the place where the Mystery is conducted. It is conducted within the symbol of the circle and the point oriented to the east.

1. Work in the point of the Mystery.

Mysteries are conducted in the circle of brothers, in erect position, if the participant is included into the circle of his group, or, if you work individually, you may do it standing before your home altar or icons, i.e. in secluded place, regarded as sacred by you.

The work itself begins with alignment, prayer and addressing one’s Soul with a request to bless the Mystery work which is taking place before the circle or the altar. Through a deep bow one directs his or her cordial and mental aspiration towards the center of the Mystery and, actually, steps over the border of the circle, entering the spiritual space of common mystery work.

2. Actualization of consciousness in time.

You must realize that you are standing in the “here-and-now” point and connect your consciousness with the exact full-moon moment. At this moment you become a participant of the work of the One Planetary Brotherhood, conducting the Mystery.

3. Actualization of consciousness in space.

You must associate yourself with the circle of brothers or like-spirited people. You will begin to feel those of the same spirit even among those whom you may never meet, but who are close to you according to their level of consciousness. You associate with them as with living Souls through you heart and mind and perceive them in One Brotherhood Circle.

4. Purification of consciousness.

The next step in the Mystery is the turn round from the center of the circle (or the altar) in the opposite direction. At this moment you realize and concentrate all impurity of your body, feelings and mind which has accumulated during the preceding biweekly or monthly period of time. You recollect all negative manifestations of your personality, concentrate them in yourself, and experience them as spiritual impurity.

Then you, in a bow, put them down and send to the lower strata of the earth, calling aloud all the qualities of which you would like to get rid, for instance: “I put down and give away this quality and rid myself of it”. In the act of self-purification, you must feel your negative vibrations leave you through your hands, feet and head, and you become free from them.

5. Concentration of the call.

The fifth step is the turn to the center. At this point you should remember, experience and realize intimately all those positive qualities of your personality and all those instances of being helpful to other people and manifestations of love and creative states which have been attained and lived through by you during the period in question. You must collect all positive experiences together with your brothers, i.e. with those who are standing in the same circle. Having collected and having concentrated this positive energy, the you name consciously those qualities which you want to affirm as your new spiritual consciousness.

At this point the participant of the mystery actualizes himself or herself as pure consciousness, ready for the next step.

6. Issue of the Call.

After this, the participant (together with his or her brothers) sends the Call to the Higher Center of his or her Soul and his or her Elder Brothers. The Call issued depends on the premeditated purpose which one realizes as the Supreme Purpose of Mankind.

This purpose cannot be connected with the interests of your family or with any party or religion. It must be a common human purpose aimed at the benefit of evolution as a whole. At the same time, you contribute to it your own part, i.e. what you personally do for the good of evolution, and your actions made for evolution to be successful on the Earth.

This lofty purpose which corresponds to a particular sign of Zodiac is raised by you and your brothers, through yourselves, as the Call of Humanity, while you make a deep bow to the center of the circle of your brotherhood.

At this point the you and your brothers try to reach the spiritual dome separating you from the zone of Supreme Light. Each participant reaches for this Light through his or her raised hands until the moment of complete unfoldment comes, until he or she feels that penetration into Higher Spiritual Space has been affected and the participant has entered the center of the Circle of Mystery.

7. Unfolding the Response.

At the moment when you feel that you have entered the Higher Spiritual Space, something very special will happen. It will be a sensation that your heart, mind and consciousness begin to unfold towards a stream, the arms will open as a chalice into which the higher vibration of the Soul will be pouring. It may be a sensation of light, warmth or pleasant weight – various experiences are possible, but in any case there will be a feeling that the RESPONSE has begun.

This must come naturally, spontaneously, because this condition cannot be created artificially. The person who has send the Call must freeze and stand motionless, stretching himself or herself like an aimed arrow of One Call, as the string one inner prayer.

And then you receive a Response to your Call, and a strong and high vibration of your Soul will enter you, depending on the level of your consciousness and on the strength and purity of your motive and the purpose that you have set.

8. Conducting the Response.

You must conduct this Light of your Soul that has descended, via the mantra of the Great Call, standing in the center of the Mystery, through yourself and your Brotherhood. You must feel all the time that you stand as one of the cells of the whole organism of mankind. In the Great Call, you conduct this immense Light of Life through yourself upon all those who take part in the Mystery together with you. At this moment you fill with this energy of Life and Love the hearts and bodies of the people of the Earth and open, through yourself, those new directions of civilization which are the principle of evolution of human consciousness. You direct this energy to anything that may facilitate the transition of mankind into the quality of consciousness of the New Era. This must be said aloud while you are standing in the stream of Spiritual Energy of Love.

9. Transmission of Spiritual Results.

Then you collect and concentrate the spiritual results of your work through yourself and send it to the Great Lords of the Hierarchy of Light who use it for the benefit of the evolution of matter and of the consciousness of the planet. In doing so, you relieve yourself of the surplus of Spiritual Energy which should not be appropriated by you to be used for personal ends.

Making a bow, you allow the energy surplus to escape downwards to its natural source which is the Earth. Rising from the bow, you send, upwards and through the center of the Mystery, the highest result of the work done, and request, as a great mercy, to leave you only that part of vibrations which will help you evolve along the Path.

This is very important. It is not only a question of the Mystery’s Spiritual Ethics but also of your own security. If you fail to do the work of transmitting the surplus of spiritual energy, this may result in excessive stimulation of your energy centers. The state of excessive stimulation, euphoria and excessive joy is a sure sign of insufficient post-mystery purification which may result in psychological and physical troubles either yourself or in people around you.

Therefore, be attentive: only the complete return of the results of work to the Source of Mystery, and the retaining of only that necessary amount of energy with which you can deal with safely and correctly constitute the true conclusion of the Mystery.

The genuine state of consciousness after the Mystery is a state of complete inner silence and transparence – not a state of agitation or euphoria but that of the heart’s inner joy and the mind’s inner silence.

10. Exiting the Mystery.

The last step of this work is exiting the Mystery as Spiritual Space of a particular circle and its center. In a bow, you thank all those who stood together with you in One Circle of Brotherhood and those Elder Brothers and Tutors who directed your thought and consciousness during this common work.

11. Fixation of revelations.

When the work is over, we request you to approach immediately a desk or an altar with icons and write down in silence all the revelations and deep intimate thoughts that came to you during your work, so that they can be precipitated in your consciousness. 12. Fixation of the results of the Mystery.

After you have committed your revelations and ideas to paper, it is necessary to physically fix the results of the Mystery. This may be in the form of a meal, especially if the Mystery has been performed in brotherhood, or of a good, useful deed that you have long been planning. Do it now as an act of mercy and help. In fact, you may simply dust the floor or tidy up your room which has long needed it. Thus, having begun with physical purification before the Mystery, you end with returning to the physical plane of concluding the Mystery, completing the circle of consciousness in the Spiritual Cycle of Mystery work.

13. Objective nature of the results of the Mystery.

It is very important, some time later (and – in case of inadequate states of consciousness – immediately) to share the results of work in the Mystery or of post-mystery states with tutors of the Ashram School, who have sufficient experience of work in Full-moon and New-moon Mysteries. In case of regularly sharing the results of his or her work, the participant will be attached to a certain disciple of the School whose zone of consciousness and ray characteristics match those of the applicant.

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