Dear friends!

The Ashram School of 4 Rays (4th,5th,6th,7th) in Russia invites you to join the distance learning group.

The Ashram School is a school of “direct transmission” of the New Doctrine through the Spiritual work of the Leader of the School working in the Planetary Group of World Servers.

The new Doctrine of Universalism integrates all true teachings of the past, such as

works by H.P. Blavatsky, H.I. Roerich, Alice A. Bailey, as well as Universal Doctrines of Oriental Masters such as Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff and internal esoteric Doctrines of World Religions and Spiritual Lodges of East and West.

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The training is organized as follows.

Each group consists of two or three disciples and their Mentor.

The distance learning classes are conducted over Skype twice a week with a help of a Russian-English interpreter.

The academic year starts in September, though it may be possible to join in the middle of the year.


The training includes the following programs:

1. Weekly group work with your Mentor consisting of:

1.1. Introductory meditation: Learning to connect with your individual Soul and the Soul of your group;

1.2. Self-improvement by your specific life situations. Recognizing them, exploring motives and causes; finding inner desire to change old thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns and finally entering the new spiritual qualities as the true way of your Soul.


1.3. Self-improvement methods based on work with the qualities. Practical work with the qualities of spiritual consciousness of a disciple in the Aquarian Age such as

  • Opening up and organizing the spiritual space of the disciple;
  • Opening out the heart’s love and taking control of emotional impulses;
  • Organizing the conscious thinking process and getting your thoughts under control of the Soul;
  • Opening up of the purity and the positiveness of disciple’s thinking in the brotherhood of the group as a basis for the formation of a new outlook.


1.4. Studying themes aimed at the education of spirituality in humanity such as:

  • The principle of spirituality as the foundation of the outlook of humanity of the New Age;
  • The purpose of the education of spirituality in man;
  • The ability to unite in the brotherhood of the group as the ability of the Path of Discipleship in the Age of Aquarius;
  • Cultivation of morality as the quality of the Soul in man;
  • The path of spiritual development of man;
  • Practical methods of education of spirituality in new man as the basis for the Way of service to the world.


1.5. Interpretation of spiritual literature as basics of mental work (E.Schure, A.Besant and other authors).


2.  Monthly Ceremonial work - participating in the Mysteries of the Full Moon each month. This work includes: preliminary work (preparation), holding the mystery meditation and reporting to the Mentor.


3. Biweekly subjects, such as Ethics, Counseling and spiritually leading your disciples for subsequent work as Mentor.


Сonditions of joining:

  • entrance to School is done via the interview with the Leading Mentor of the School. As part of this interview, your personal characteristics will be identified (zone of consciousness, your initiations, your rays, your achievements in your previous life)
  • Before the start of training future students are interviewed with a Leading Mentor of the Ashram School of the 7th  Ray "Tetrada"  to identify the characteristics of radiation and initiation zone of consciousness.
  • Applications for training are accepted at any time at the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tuition fee is EUR 40 per month (the work of interpreter is included).


Testimonial of one of our disciple from international group (Freda Kemp, Toronto, Canada):

"I have been working with Tetrada - Ashram of the 7th Ray in Russia for the past three years as a student.  I have been working with my mentor under the School of Social Psychological Community.  As an individual and as part of a group I feel we have grown in spiritual awareness and perception.  I feel that the work with 'situations" has helped me to attune and perceive the soul lessons found in everyday life.  I feel I have become a stronger person, more able to meet life's challenges as a result of this course work and program."

Also you have the opportunity to participate online in the following School activities:

1. the annual World Mysteries of the Peace on December 31 and at the point of the full moon in Gemini as the Mystery of Humanity's Unity with Christ (our Russian-English translator can assist)

2. annual international theological conferences in November and May (our Russian-English translator can assist)

3. weekly lectures of School in next areas: Universal astrology, the Universal Teaching, lectures on the "Secret Doctrine" of E. Blavatsky, spiritual Path of initiated disciples of science and spiritual teachings (Russian-English translator is need)

For participation or access to lectures, send a request by mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More information about the objectives and methods of work of the School-Ashram   "Tetrada" is available on our website: